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I have always been a traveler and a wanderer. Travel for me is not about vacations; it is my way to learn about a world that I care deeply about. There is nothing that energizes me more than to be in a foreign environment trying to uncover some of its secrets.

 I have an insatiable curiosity about other cultures and their ways of life.

Not that life is easy everywhere and I have seen plenty of very challenging situations.   But I always find beauty wherever I go.

It is this beauty and an urge to share it that got me into photography. After an unsatisfying career in academia, a few years ago I decided to act on my passion to see some of the more remote regions of the world, and share what I find. I am a self-taught photographer, but I have tried to work on my skills diligently. As you can see from my images in the galleries, my true love is to photograph people; I rarely photograph landscapes or landmarks. Although I enjoy shooting portraits, what I really like is capturing “snippets” of people’s lives and documenting small events, from cultural rituals to daily life activities.

And I like to tell stories, so I started a blog where I can have images and words. It is not a typical travel blog with tips of where to go on a next vacation, nor is it a typical photography blog with only the best images captured on a trip. It is a blog where I tell stories and select the images that help tell the tale. If you take the time to look at some of the posts, please do leave a comment. The comments are another way for me to learn, which is my deepest passion.  If you prefer to communicate with me directly, send me a message using the box below or I an be reached at [email protected]

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Please be aware that all the images on the site are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without permission.
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  • PX3, State of the World, Shortlisted, Ganga Sagar Mela
  • PX3, State of the World, Shorlisted, The Last Train to Bishwa Ijtema
  • PX3, Portraiture, Honorable Mention, Water Gypsies
  • Urban Photo Award, Street Category, Semi-Finalist, Feet First
  • 15th Pollux Award, Culture and Daily Life Category, Honorable Mention, Water Gypsies
  • 15th Julia Margaret Cameron Award,Culture and Daily Life Category, Honorable Mention, The Last Train to Bishwa Ijtema
  • All About Photos, Travel Photography, Honorable Mention, Raffia
  • Focus L.A. Top 20 finalist, Colorful Curls
  • Portraits of Humanity, Shortlisted, Wodaabe Girls
  • San Francisco Bay International Photography Awards, Gold Medal, Feet First


  • 14th Pollux Awards-Culture and Daily Life, Honorable Mention, Fishing for Life
  • All About Photo, Street Photography, Particular Merit Mention, Colorful Curls
  • 14th Julia Margaret Cameron Award-Culture and Daily Life Category-Winner, Children of Mongolia
  • All About Photo, The Mind’s Eyes, Particular Merit Mention, Among the Sheep
  • Photo-Lucida Critical Mass, Finalist, Irish Travellers Who No Longer Travelled
  • Travel Photographer of the Year, Finalist, Appleby Horse Fair
  • TIFA (Tokyo International Photo Festival), Bronze Medal, Among the Sheep
  • International Photography Award (IPA), Feature Story Category, Honorable Mention, Fishing for Life


  • Paris Prix de la Photography, Gold Medal, Portraiture/Culture, Among the Sheep
  • Chromatic Awards, First Place, Among the Sheep
  • Siena International Photo Awards, Finalist, Boy Among the Sheep
  • PDN World-in-Focus competition in the Travel Story Category, On the Road in Dhaka
  • International Photography Award (IPA), Feature Story Category, Honorable Mention, Irish Travellers


    • Paris Prix de la Photography Portraiture/Culture, Bronze Medal, The Frankincense Boy
    • PhotoLucida Critical Mass, Finalist, My Paradise
    • Travel Photographer of the Year Award, Finalist, Small Town Timkat
    • APA National Award in the Photojournalism Category, Railroad Tracks
    • PDN World-in-Focus competition in the Travel Portrait Category, Among the Sheep
    • International Photography Award (IPA), Tradition and Cultures Category, Honorable Mention, Small Town Timkat


  • International Photography Award (IPA), Feature Story Category, Honorable Mention, Off The Grid
  • International Photography Award (IPA), Tradition and Cultures Category, Honorable Mention, Hola Mohalla



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Curated Group Exhibitions

  • Women Street Photographers, State Historical Museum, Chelyabinsk, Russia
  • 14th Julia Margaret Cameron Exhibition, Foto-Nostrum Gallery, Barcelona March 4-28 2020
  • 13th Julia Margaret Cameron Exhibition, Gallery Valid Foto, Barcelona, October 9-26, 2019
  • Women at Work, an exhibition at PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, Vermont, November 7-30, 2019
  • Travel: Places and Faces , an exhibition at Photo-Place Gallery, Middlebury, Vermont, November 7-December 9, 2018
  • Dnj Gallery, Santa Monica, July-August 2015
  • Los Angeles Center of Photography, Los Angeles, July-August 2014


  • Solus World View Visceral Dance Company
    Performance inspired by my images- July 2017

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