As some of you know, I am primarily housebound for a few weeks as I broke a bone in my foot and I have to give it a chance to heal. Given last year’s injury, I am now the self-proclaimed “queen of the broken bones,” though I am really hoping to pass that mantel to someone else, not that I would want any of you to be the taker.

But enough self-pity, as I was editing my images for my previous blog post on Iran (Welcome to Iran…), I noticed numerous images taken from the ground looking up. In retrospect, this is not hugely surprising as the ceilings of some of the buildings In Iran are magnificent– the tiles, the colors, the shapes, the geometry, one just cannot stop looking up. And it is the case not only for the mosques but for an array of other buildings like bazaars, windcatchers, caravanserais,…

Though this is not the kind of photography I usually post, since I have a little more time on my hands, I decided to share them with you. Think of this as a bonus post! If this is not something of interest to you, stay tuned, as the next post will be (mostly) about beautiful Esfahan.

But from now on, I will look up wherever I go (and down, right, and left to ensure no more broken bones).





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  1. These images are so beautiful, I’m not surprised you spent a great deal of time looking up. The geometry is breathtaking, and I think there is also meaning in the patterns.

    1. Thank you Julie. These ceilings are indeed amazing. The level of craftsmanship and artistry is beyond words. I am sure you are right about the patterns having meaning. I wish I knew more. Thanks for caring about my small injury. I ‘ll recover. Warmly, France

  2. Fantastic work, France. Yikes, the foot is not good! I am so sorry to hear that. If anyone knows about injured feet, it is me; and it is debilitating to say the least. The photos remind me of all the Mandalas I have been drawing and coloring….while my ankle and foot heals! Hope to see you next time in LJ.

    1. Thanks Barbara. Yes I remember that you suffered from a foot injury for a very long time. I hope you have fully recovered from it. As for my injury, it is hard to tell at this point, I think I am slowly healing but who knows. I am sure your Mandalas are beautiful. Warmly, France

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